Welcome to the official web site of Krušik – The Battery Factory, which is the only large battery manufacturer in the South-East Europe and it belongs to the line of the most important in its branch in the whole Europe. Our tradition of the battery production is more than half a century old. The high quality and the competitiveness of our products, which are designed to meet the desires of each of our clients, stand for solid confirmation of Krušik – The Battery Factory, which is a reliable partner for the old and new clients, but also those who are yet to become ones.

KRUŠIK – THE BATTERY FACTORY has a long tradition of producing reliable, competitive, high quality batteries that are designed according to the ordered specifications of our customers in transport, aerospace and diverse industrial applications, for more than half a century.

Today, after many transformations, we operate as a part of Holding Corporation Krušik.

Our beginnings date back to 1957 when we operated as Plant 1 in Krušik, a company that was soon to become one of the most prominent companies in this part of Europe. Nowadays, we operate as Holding Corporation Krušik. The first Ni-Cd battery to be produced was labeled MB-1, after the initials of the engineer Miša Bugarinovic, whose design and technology was used in its production.

We produce various types of Ni-Cd and Ag-Zn Batteries and Storage Batteries which are applied in many areas.

The heyday of Krušik The Battery is the period between 1973 and 1991. At the start of the 70’s the production of Ag-Zn (silver-zinc) batteries and batteries for use in aircrafts type MIG-21, MIG-23, MIG-25 and MIG-29 was launched. Production capacity was 10.000 batteries per year. Towards the end of the 70’s, production of KPH type batteries was launched as well.

At the start of the 80’s the factory introduced in its production program Ni-Cd batteries and batteries with sintered electrodes, then thermal batteries, chargers and devices for safety lighting and other. At that time as much as 70% of total output was exported to the markets of Eastern European countries.

Krušik – The Battery Factory has a Type product certificate IEC 60623.

Today, we take big steps towards a bright future in Europe and all around the world.