Krušik – The Battery Factory produce two types of Ag-Zn batteries:

  • ASC-K type
  • ASC-SK type


  • Starting aircraft motors on aircrafts of Russian manufacture
  • Powering electronic and electrical systems in aircrafts, helicopters, submarines, torpedoes, rockets


1. Technical specification of Ag – Zn cell type ASC-K-45

Manufacturer Krušik- The Battery Factory
cell designation ASC-K-45
nominal cell capacity 45 Ah
nominal cell voltage  1.5 V
nominal charging current 5.0 A
maximal charging voltage 2.0 V
open curcuit voltage of fully charged cell 1.82-1.86V
minimal cell voltage at discharging  1.0 V
nominal discharging current 0.2Cn(A) 9 A
control disharging current 20A
operating temperature -20°C do +50°C
value of charging current 0.5 do 5Cn(A), at short time loads up to 750A
container polyamide
dimensions  55.5 x 52 x 157 mm ( lenght x width x hight )
weight without electrolyte 720g
with electrolyte 890g
delivering of cell:  in unfilled and electrically unformed condition
electrolyte: pure chemical solution of KOH ( p.a.) ρ=1.40 – 1.45g/cm3 at 205 oC
elf discharge: should not be higher than 15% capacity from previous cycle, after 30 days at t = 205 oC
storage life max. 48 months in unfilled condition
max. 6 months in filled and electrically discharged condition
max. 30 days in electrically charged condition

  2. Techical specification of Ag – Zn battery type 15 ASC-K-45

Nominal battery voltage 22.5V
Nominal battery capacity 45Ah
Battery dimensions 432 x 130 x 221 mm
Battery weight – with electrolyte 17kg
– without electrolyte 14kg
During battery lifetime number of aircraft engine starts is 120 with up to 5Ah consumption for each engine start. Float battery life is 120 flying hours in period of 6 months.
3 consecutive aircraft engine starts without recharge, with up to 5 Ah consumption for every start with discharge current of 250,550, 750, 500 (A) during 4, 3, 4, 29 (s) respectively with 3 minutes pause between starts. After that, cells voltages should not be less than 0.6V/cell.
Vibration resistance: 0.5 – 0.7 mm amplitudes with frequencies in range 20 – 150Hz
Centrifugal acceleration resistance -with lateral acceleration in range 3 – 4g
-acceleration from bottom to valve in range 6 – 7g

In addition to producing the above types of batteries, Krušik – The Battery Factory has production capacities for servicing Ni-Cd batteries, as well as recycling Ag-Zn batteries.