KRUŠIK – THE BATTERY FACTORY has a long tradition of producing reliable, competitive, high quality batteries that are designed according to the ordered specifications of our customers in transport, aerospace and diverse industrial applications, for more than half a century.
Today, after many transformations, we operate as a part of Holding Corporation Krušik.

Our beginnings date back to 1957 when we operated as Plant 1 in Krusik, a company that was soon to become one of the most prominent companies in this part of Europe. Nowadays, we operate as Holding Corporation Krušik. The first Ni-Cd battery to be produced was labeled MB-1, after the initials of the engineer Misa Bugarinovic, whose design and technology was used in its production.

Producing batteries, miners’ equipment, battery lighting, and other at a later point in time, we experienced transformations from plant, work unit, the one time OUR, OOUR, and RO (Joint Work Organization, Main Joint Work Organization, and Work Organization) to a shareholders’ company. We were a socially-, i.e. state-owned company.

Our factory was privatized in 2007. To our great joy, from October 2015 we operate within Holding Corporation Krušik, as Operating unit – 6 The Battery Factory.

The heyday of KRUŠIK – The Battery Factory is the period between 1973 and 1991.
At the start of the 70’s the production of Ag-Zn (silver-zinc) batteries and batteries for use in aircrafts type MIG-21, MIG-23, MIG-25 and MIG-29 was launched. Production capacity was 10,000 batteries per year. Towards the end of the 70’s, production of KPH type batteries was launched as well.

At the start of the 80’s the factory introduced in its production program Ni-Cd batteries and batteries with sintered electrodes, then thermal batteries, chargers and devices for safety lighting and other. At that time as much as 70% of total output was exported to the markets of Eastern European countries.

In the history of KRUŠIK – The Battery Factory the hardest period certainly was during the 90’s of the last century. These were long, difficult years under sanctions and hyper-inflation, in a country that the developed world isolated and then bombarded.

Economic blockade practically resulted in the break-down of the country’s economy, which was accompanied by huge problems, often impossible to solve, that our company was not immune to. Problems in production and placement of the company’s production program reached its peak in 1994, followed by a period of slow and gradual revival.

However, in 1999 KRUŠIK – The Battery Factory suffered enormous destruction during the NATO aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Our factory was almost completely destroyed.

After the bombardment we started slowly to revitalize facilities and revive the production program.

The Battery Factory being a socially aware company has shared its success throughout its business history with the local community. We have awarded scholarships to many good students and we have employed young experts – we will do so also in the future. Our donations have helped in building many objects, which are recognized today as development symbols of Valjevo, like the Sports Center with the swimming pool in Petnica, close to Valjevo, Gallery of Modern Art in Valjevo, Chirurgic Department of the Hospital of Valjevo. We have also supported the reconstruction of the Grand Hotel, Place of Živojin Mišić and other objects.

Today, we take big steps towards a bright future in Europe and all around the world.